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Hye Keat Estate To Penang Hill

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......a rest hut in the middle of Moniot Road East.....

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The starting point of the trail is the same one as Trail 3 : Hye Keat Estate To Eighty Four.

To get to the start of the trail, enter by way of Hill Railway Road which leads off from the Air Itam roundabout. About 100 metres up the road towards the funicular railway station (Lower Station), you will see the colorful Beow Hiang Lim Temple on your left. Opposite this temple are the Desa Bendera Apartments. You can park your vehicles at the space beside the small Dato’ Shrine.

Enter the road beside the apartments. Turn left immediately after the bridge on Lorong Taman Cantik. The trail begins to climb slowly, passing occasional houses on both sides. The path is cemented and well defined. You will be able to see the valley along this stretch. For the first half hour, you will pass a number of smaller paths branching away from the main trail. Keep left on the main trail.

Some 30 minutes (slow and non stop pace) from the Desa Bendera Apartments (Starting Point), you should pass by a small shrine before coming to a Y-junction. There will probably a signboard pointing to the temple Tua Pek Kong (in Mandarin). Follow this flattened trail towards the temple. The right trail that branch upward goes to 84.

Another half an hour, you should reach the temple Tua Pek Kong. Take a rest here. Use the washroom if necessary.

Continue straight ahead on a winding trail towards Middle Station. The trail almost flattened most of the way to Middle Station except nearing the bridge and Middle Station. You should be near the junction branching up and away from Middle Station in about 25 minutes from the Temple Tua Pek Kong.

You are now parallel with the funicular railway as you take the steps inching up to Claremont Station. Beware of dogs along the way. Bring a stick to scare them. You should reach Claremont in 10 to 12 minutes from the junction of Middle Station (Note: you can’t see Middle Station unless you divert left at the junction).

Take another rest at Claremont Station or else continue to the right passing a drain. Less than a minute, you should see a trail going uphill. Take this jungle trail. There are some steep climbs with ropes to help you. Between the steep climb and the cemented steps, you will probably notice two rows of fencing (photo above). I can only believe this is another wastage of taxpayers’ fund putting up in the middle of the jungle on a rarely use trail! As you climb up the steps you should reach a rest hut in the middle of Moniot Road East (photo below). Another white elephant in the middle of a road! To go to Moniot Station, you have to negotiate the edge of the rest hut with the dangerous ravine below. This rest area is 13 minutes from Claremont Station.

To continue to Penang Hill, go right on Moniot Road East. Immediately, a path going up can be seen on your left. Straight ahead will be the great landslide of Moniot Road which cut off the link to 84. Within 5 minutes, you should be able to reach Viaduct Station after passing under the Viaduct with the train above.

Continue by going up the steps to Viaduct Road. You should see the drain. The last lap of the trail is interesting as you need to negotiate along the drain coming down from Penang Hill. Take the path on the right side of the drain. Follow it, passing a small bridge over the drain and thereafter, you continue to zigzag all the way up to Summit Road. There are several bungalows along the trail. Continue up avoiding the bungalows and you should reach Penang Hill within 30 to 40 minutes from Viaduct Station.


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