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......The trail starts beside the new school, SM Bukit Jambul.....

Bukit Jambul is a popular hiking trail for hikers around the Bayan Lepas area. The popular trail starts near the International College. It is not difficult to find if you ask around.

The trail that is described here take another route from Jalan Yeap Chor Ee. Look for the school, Sekolah Menengah Bukit Jambul. If you are coming from Bayan Lepas, the school is on your left. Immediately after passing the school, before the traffic light to Taman Pekaka, there is a junction on your left. Turn left and follow the road towards the school.

Before reaching the school, there is a steep jeep trail on your right. Find a place to park your car. Head up the trail and you will come to a garage. There are several houses up the slope on your right. Take the leveled path on your left. You are now on a motor path. Follow it.

Few minutes from the garage, there is a trail on your left going downhill. This trail was abandoned after the school was built. Keep to the right and head up the slope. Another few minutes you should see another junction. Again, keep to your right and head up the slope. Immediately, you will cross a little stream flowing from your left.

The trail meanders up the slope with fruit trees and rubber trees planted along the trail. There are massive banana cultivation on the hill slopes. Ten to 15 minutes from the garage, you can hear the running stream on your left. A trail branches down on your left. Continue on the right trail up. You should now keep to the main trail. Ignore small side path branching out of the main trail. Two minutes or so, you should see a hut.

Continue up the winding trail passing through more banana cultivation. After about 5 to 6 minutes you will see a little waterfall on your right. A good view of Penang Bridge is real refreshing after about half an hour of hiking from the garage.

You will pass through more fruit trees. About 6 minutes later, you should be standing at a junction at the top of the clearing. The right trail will take you to a small hut. Take the left one. You should now be walking on the ridge towards Bukit Jambul. The trail passes through more rubber trees with the ridge on your left. You will notice that as the ridge on your left thin out, another ridge on your right takes shape. This is where you should look for the entry point to hike up the slope to Bukit Jambul.

There are several rubber tappers' paths leading from the main trail into the ridge. Find the path on your right with two big rubber trees on your left. Head up the ridge towards Bukit Jambul. Occasionally you have to by pass some overgrowth and hack your way up. You should reach the top in about 15 minutes. Treat yourself to a warm cup of hot drink. You have the option of going down the popular trail or back trek the hard way.

Take care!
Forest Ang


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