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......From Kampung Pantai Acheh to Pantai Mas.....

This trail starts from Kampung Pantai Acheh. Take the road that goes round Penang Island from Bayan Lepas to Teluk Bahang via Balik Pulau. After passing through Balik Pulau you will continue towards Teluk Bahang. There should be road signs leading the way to Pantai Acheh. Before going up the hill to Telok Bahang, turn left and continue using the main road leading to the village. You will pass by a school on your right and coffee shop on your left.

At the end of the road, there is a Y-junction. You can start to look for a place to park your car. Take the left road passing through houses. The trail leads into stinking pig sty. Find a suitable path to cross the oxidation ponds into the foothill.

Look for a clearing at the foothill. That is where the trail to Pantai Mas starts.

Hike steeply up the trail for about 10 meters or so and you will reached the top trail. Continue on the left. The trail will takes you through shady forest. About 7 minutes, you will have to pass through big boulders. Another 13 minutes, you will come to the score of pipes with running underground stream. Take a rest here.

The trail continues steeply ahead. Ignore the easy trail on your left. You will continue to proceed along the contour of the hill slowly inching towards Pantai Mas. The calls of white bellied sea eagles and the breaking of waves can be heard.

About 20 to 30 minutes from the pipes, you should reach Pantai Mas. If it is low tide you can easily use the beach to cross over to the Pantai Mas proper. Or else, find a trail beside the forest to by pass the sea. Welcome to Pantai Mas.

Abandoned and isolated, Pantai Mas has it own misteries. Strange feeling creeps into our mind. You need not have to worry if you come with good intention. There are many flora found in the hinterland if you dare to explore.

Take care!
Forest Ang


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