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......From Paya Terubong To Balik Pulau.....

The trail starts from Paya Terubong. If you are coming from Relau, you will see Lee Rubber factory (blue roofing) on your right. Turn left after the factory. You will see a steep cemented jeep trail going up the hill on your left. You can park your vehicle at this juncture.

Hike up the jeep trail in a SW & Westerly direction. You should follow the main trail up the slope. There are many smaller path diverting from the main trail. There are several rest sheds along the way up with numerous panoramic viewpoints of the Paya Terubong and Farlim Township. The best rest shed is about 16 minutes from the starting point.

After some rest and the breathtaking views, continue on the jeep trail for about 12 minutes to reach Tua Pek Kong temple on your right. There is a running tap from the stream. You are advice not to drink from the tap as it might be polluted with insecticide and fertilizer from the farms above.

The trail behind the temple can take you to Cheng Ji Chan temple. However, you should head westward on the smaller motorbike path with lemon grass planted along it. After 5 minutes, there is a house below on the left of the path. Stop here. Look for a suitable way to go up on the vegetable slope on the right. Keep heading westward. A minute later you should join a motorbike path. Follow the path and continue heading westward with the sun behind you (if you hike in the morning). The trail zigzag along the valley slowing inching up to the highest point of the valley. A small stream will be on your right. Eventually the stream will dry up as it goes higher. You will pass a shrine on your left and should reach the highest point a minute later.

At the highest point, the path branches out to 4 different directions. Find the only path going downhill, second from the right. Half a minute later, you should take the left path down. Continue straight and you will see a farmhouse. Immediately passing the first house, find a small flat path on your right. The path leads to a small stream. Cross the small bridge or jump over the stream. Follow the stream down. The path is not well used. Later, you will notice forest on both side of the path. The stream is below on your left. Durian trees, pineapples and other fruit trees greet you as you emerge from the forest. The path leads you to a bridge crossing the stream. You can take a good rest here under the fruit trees.

To continue, you need to cross the bridge and head up the banana orchard following the direction of the stream. You will find that there is no path beyond the banana orchard. To avoid going into the overgrown bushes beside the stream, I advise you to head toward the rubber trees. Find an opening that leads into the shades of rubber trees. Find your way down towards the stream. You will eventually emerge into another fruit orchard. However, the stream has disappeared underground. You should take about 10 to 15 minutes to reach here from the banana orchard.

You should be able to find a motorbike path down. Follow the path that zigzags down. The stream emerges. You will pass by a house on your right before meeting a wider road. Take the left turn down crossing a bridge a minute from the junction. Follow the cemented hill road down. Less than 10 minutes, the road will join the cemented road coming from Air Itam Dam towards Balik Pulau. Take the road down. It leads you to Balik Pulau Town in about 30 to 40 minutes. Have a bowl of the famous laksa and board the half-hourly Yellow Bus back to Paya Terubong.


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