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Route To Bukit Panchor Penang State Park

© by Forest Ang

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If you are using the North South Highway from Penang you will exit at Jawi / Nibong Tebal’s Toll booth. Immediately after paying the toll you will have to turn left, using the old trunk road towards the south. Head straight passing through a traffic light.

After the traffic light you could see a huge bridge ahead. Do not take that flyover bridge. Instead keep to the left of the bridge and continue straight. You will come to a T-junction. Set your mileage meter to zero at this point. From that point onward, you will have to check your mileage meter for more junctions.

Go straight for 3.1 km before turning to the right. About 500 meter later, turn left to cross the bridge over the N-S highway. As you travel down from the bridge, you could see the small town called Sg Kecil. Take the 2 o’clock turn on your right.

It will be another 1.15 km from Sg Kecil where you need to turn left. Bkt Panchor will be shown as straight ahead. DO NOT take the straight road. Instead follow the sign to Serdang / Kg Besar.

It will be another 2.65 km from that junction before a turn to the right into a village road. You will be passing through a Caltex petrol station and a small river before making a turn to the right.

Once on the one-lane village road you will continue straight on the winding path. You will see a yellow hydrant and upon reaching 0.95 km from the main road, you turn right. Another 300 m from this junction will be Bkt Panchor Penang State Park.

Facilities at the park:
1. Canteen
2. Campsite
3. Stream
4. Caves
5. Trails

There is one particular cave with tons of bats inside. This could be the highlight of the trip to Bkt Panchor.

Enjoy yourself there!

Forest Ang
June 2007


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