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Selected Nature Trails of Penang Island

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(c) Forest Ang

Length: 5 km 3 hours
Recreational grading : 3-4
Condition: natural
Use: light (occasionally by illegal immigrants)
Status: Pantai Acheh forest reserve

Pantai Mas is the most remote of the six beaches in the Pantai Acheh forest reserve. At Telok Bahang fishing village look out for the signboard to the United Hokkien Cemetery. The junction is beside a Chinese temple. Follow the road until you reach the United Hokkien Cemetery Kongsi and park your vehicle there. The hike starts from here.

Continue walking along the tarred road and at the first junction take the right-hand road. The road continues to ascend until it meets a drain on your right. Follow the drain uphill until you see a broad flight of steps. Head towards the steps. When you reach the top of the steps, continue on and climb over a huge boulder. There is a well-defined trail from this point.

After about 30 minutes you will reach a rain gauge. Then continue walking for 20-25 minutes until you come to a three-way junction. Take the right-hand path. The trail descends steeply. You will come to another junction. Take the path on your left. The trail continues downhill for about 10 minutes before reaching another junction. Take the right-hand path. This portion of the trail becomes more challenging as you will encounter boulders. You need to use all your limbs to negotiate them. After 30-40 minutes you will come to a rather confusing part of the trail where it branches to the right instead of continuing downward. Follow the branch. You will be able to hear the waves as you approach Pantai Mas. The trail suddenly opens out into a coconut plantation with overgrown lalang. Walk along the forest edge until you find a clear path leading to the beach.


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