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Selected Nature Trails of Penang Island

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(c) Forest Ang

Length: 2.5 km 1 hour
Recreational grading : 1 ( 4 at landslide)
Condition: disturbed and eroded but substantial natural character remaining
  • light to moderate
  • well used (Eighty Four to the junction to Penang Hill)
    Status: Heritage Trail

    This track was well used during colonial days. It was declared a Heritage Trail in 1989. Along the way you can see healthy trees planted by the Governor of Penang in that year. The Moniot Trail is divided into two sections by the funicular railway. The first section starts from the tea kiosk at Eighty Four.

    At Eighty Four there is a signboard giving information about the Moniot Trail. The trail starts from this point as a levelled track. Walk for 6-10 minutes and you will come to a junction where a steep upward path on your right leads to Penang Hill. Ignore this path. A few steps ahead the trail forks. Take the right-hand fork which ascends gradually. You will be greeted by a panoramic view of Penang Bridge. Proceed and you will see two indigenous trees with name plates attached, namely the maingaya malayana and sterculia macrophylla. Read the inscriptions.

    Except for some slight ascents and descents, the trail can still be graded as 1. But it comes to an abrupt end at a point where a major landslide occurred in 1995. Just before the landslide point, an alternate route branches steeply up the hill slope. The trail becomes more demanding and dangerous. Hence it is graded as 4. Ropes have been placed along the route to assist hikers to make the climb and the steep descent which follows it. After this forced diversion, the jungle trail joins a water drainage system. Be careful of the slippery steps. Follow the drain up* and then cross it to the other side. Go against the flow of the drain until you see the railway viaduct. There is a flight of steps on your left. Climb the steps and follow the path downhill to rejoin the original Moniot Trail. You will then meet the funicular railway at Moniot Road Halt. Take the train down or proceed to Moniot Road West.

    * Alternatively you can take a shorter diversion by making an almost 90 degrees ascent to your left after crossing the drain.

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