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Selected Nature Trails of Penang Island

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(c) Forest Ang

Length: 8 km 3-4 hours
Recreational grading : 3-4
Condition: degraded but with some natural character remaining
Use: moderate to light
Status: orchard and water catchment

There are several trails to Tiger Hill. This trail is considered an interesting way of getting there. The trail starts from a point beside the Kek Lok Si Temple at the beginning of the tarred road to Air Itam Dam. It is opposite the row of stalls selling souvenirs to tourists going up to Kek Lok Si Temple on foot.

Walk straight up the road for about five minutes and you will see an arch on your right with the sign Kwarn Inn Sahn Pow Yin Sian Tsi (P). Take this cemented path. It climbs steeply upward, passing houses on both sides. Follow the main trail up until you reach a junction where there is a temple on your right and a shed on your left. Take the trail on your left which passes beneath the shed and cross a small bridge over a stream. About 5 minutes after leaving the shed you will come to another junction with a sign pointing left to Air Itam Dam. Follow the sign to Air Itam Dam. You should reach the dam in about 5 minutes.

After reaching the Dam, turn right and follow the road skirting the reservoir. After about 15 minutes you will see a path on your right. Take the right-hand path and continue uphill. About 12 minutes later you will see a smaller path going straight ahead while the main path bends left. You can take either of these paths as they soon meet again. (At this point you are only 30 minutes away from the main four-way junction where tracks branch off to Titi Krawang, Tiger Hill and Balik Pulau.)

Take a break here. Then follow the right-hand path which is a laterite track. After about 10 minutes you will see a trail branching away to your right. Ignore this trail. Thereafter it is a fairly easy trail and you will soon reach cultivated land where vegetables, rubber trees, durian and other fruit trees are grown. There is a junction here. You can either take the right-hand path or walk straight ahead, passing through a farmer's house compound. The two trails eventually converge and then continue to ascend. You will reach a junction. The left-hand track will lead you down to the Tiger Hill reservoir while the right-hand one will take you up to Tiger Hill. Take the right-hand path.

About 6 minutes after the junction look out for a pipeline going steeply up the slope on your right. Climb up beside this pipeline. You will reach Tiger Hill in about 25 minutes. Alternatively you can continue on straight ahead on the trail to join the Summit Road. Then turn right and walk until you see a road on your right leading to the transmission station on the summit of Tiger Hill.

The Summit Road will take you to the Penang Hill funicular railway station in about an hour.


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